Our Services

The New Hampshire Bible Society can help with selecting and purchasing Bibles and other resources.  We have a limited supply of samples at our office in Concord and can order many publications at a greatly discounted price.  There is no charge for this service and in most cases, books can be shipped directly your business or home address.

The New Hampshire Bible Society also offers grants for people and organizations working with:

  • prisons
  • shelters
  • hospice homes & nursing homes
  • men & women serving in the military and their families
  • churches and para-church ministries

We equip pastors and chaplains with the latest editions, translations, and formats at no cost or the lowest possible cost. Our grant program is a valuable mission tool available to NH’s individuals, chaplains, and churches.

We collaborate with with the International Bible Society, the American Bible Society and the National Association of State and Regional Bible Societies.  Typical grants combine NH Bible Society grant funds, American Bible Society or International Bible Society matching funds, and local donations.

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