With your help, the New Hampshire Bible Society can provide everyone with Holy Scripture in a language they can read and a translation they can easily understand regardless of their financial resources!
The New Hampshire Bible Society grants go out to prisons, shelters, hospice homes, churches, and para-church ministries.  We equip pastors and chaplains with the latest editions, translations, and exciting formats at no cost or the lowest possible cost. Our grant program is a valuable mission tool available to NH’s individuals, chaplains, and churches.
We maximize our impact through collaboration with the International Bible Society, the American Bible Society and the National Association of State and Regional Bible Societies.  Typical grants combine NH Bible Society grant funds, American Bible Society or International Bible Society matching funds and local donations.

Click here for a grant form. Please fill out both the grant and the covenant forms and mail them to us  at:

New Hampshire Bible Society
PO Box 1087
Concord, NH 03302-1087

Or you can email the completed grant request form to:

Let us help you obtain the most appropriate Bible translation and format at no cost or the lowest possible cost in the quantities you need. Very simple grant guidelines fit nearly any opportunity within New Hampshire. Here are some of the programs we can use to match your needs.

American Bible Society Funds 
Caring Ministries                       Nursing Homes
Churches                                  Parachurch Groups
Colleges and Universities         Rescue Missions
Disasters                                  Schools
Hospitals                                   Seaman Ministries
Immigrants                                Trucker Ministries
Individuals                                  Visual Disabilities

International Bible Society Funds
Prison/Jail Ministries                  Disaster/Relief
Children at Risk                         Evangelization

New Hampshire Bible Society Funds
Jail and Prison Inmates             Hospital Patients
Youth Groups                             Individuals
Vacation Bible Schools              New Pastors
Nursing Home Residents           Ecumenical Groups
Denominational Groups             Local Churches
Educational Institutions              Mission Projects
Sunday School Students
New NH Pastors & Religious Educators