Grant Policies and Procedures

All grant requests must be submitted in writing stating the program, the need to be served and the planned use of the Bibles, Testaments, or other Scripture materials. Any materials not used for the specific program must be returned to the NH Bible Society.

1. Institutional Grants:  Within budgetary limits, the New Hampshire Bible Society (NHBS)  gives these chaplains serving congregate assisted living facilities, nursing homes, educational, correctional, and medical institutions on the state, county and local level.  What they need for their ministries at no cost.

1.1 The request must be written and sent on the stationery of the recognized institution.  The written request will state the program, the need to be served, and the plan for use of the Bibles.

2.  Denominational Grants:  The staff members of the denominational office must indicate the church/organization to be served: Local churches, ethnic missions, church planting starts community visitation programs, community evangelistic efforts, Bible Studies at annual denominational meetings, Bible Studies at youth gatherings and denominational camps or other groups of the denomination.

2.1 The request must be written and sent on the stationery of the denominational office or organization.

3.  New Pastor and Christian Education Directors Grants:  The NHBS welcomes all pastors, associate pastors, and Christian Education Directors who are serving in a church in New Hampshire for the first time by inviting them to visit the NHBS office and by giving them a Bible in a translation of their choice.

6.2 The Executive Director will give them a packet of material from the NHBS along with a letter inviting them to visit the Bible House. He will also schedule a time for them to visit when he will be present to introduce the new pastor or associate to the work and witness of the NHBS.

4.  Local Church Grants:  Gospel, Epistle or other needed portions of Scripture for use in community/area visitation programs.  For those enrolled in Christian education when the church or school would otherwise be unable to distribute Bibles or Testaments or other Scripture materials.

4.1 The request must be written and sent by the pastor or the key lay leader.  The request must be on behalf of the church or the church’s primary board or council.

5.  Ecumenical Grants: To promote the distribution, use, and understanding of the Bible in New Hampshire’s Communities the NHBS works with local councils of churches or ministries

6.  Personal Grants:  The NHBS assists clergy and laity in purchasing Bibles and Bible aids.

7.  Higher Educational Institution Grants:  Educational institutions may request Bibles, Gospels, Epistles or other needed portions of scripture through their chaplains or librarians for use as reference books in its school library or for campus groups.

7.1 The request must be written on the stationery of the institution.

8.  Mission Grants:  The NHBS supports efforts to translate, print, and distribute the Bible.  While most of the efforts of the NHBS are concentrated in-state, the distribution of the Bible is not geographically restricted.

9.1  Shared Grants: In conjunction with NHBS Grants, national grants (e.g. American Bible Society or International Bible Society) are used whenever possible, to enhance the reach of scripture ministry in New Hampshire.

9.2  Under the guidance and approval of the Grant Committee block grant funds from ABS, IBS, and others are used without restriction

10. Practice and Procedures:  The NHBS adheres to the following in its grant program:

10.1 Grantees will be encouraged to participate in sharing the cost of the grant requested.  Those who request a grant will be invited to share in covering a part of the cost of the grant.

10.2 Bibles given in grants are stamped or labeled to indicate that they are from the NHBS.  When the Bibles are shipped directly, NHBS labels are also sent.  Recipients are asked to place NHBS labels in the Bibles.

10.3 Copies of Grant Policies and Procedures are available and offered to denominations for inclusion in their annual meeting packets.