Bibles for Children and Young Adults

Picking a Bible for the younger people in your community can be an exciting task.  Here are some questions you may find helpful to ask yourself or your committee:

  • How old are the recipients?  Members of your community, or visitors to your Sunday school?
  • Bibles or Bible stories? Are you hoping they will read scripture themselves, or perhaps have an older relative read to them?
  • What translation are they used to hearing at church? Is it important to stay with that, or would you prefer to offer something at a gentler reading level, like the CEV or the NIrV or the Good News translation?
  • Are they at an age when the words “Children,” “Kids,” or even “Teen” may be offensive to them? Do you want it to be a Bible for this year, a keepsake, or a resource for the rest of their lives?
  • How much commentary do you want included: maps, glossaries, devotions, questions for group or individual study?
  • Is the commentary theologically consonant with that of your community?
  • Do you want to special-order the recipients’ names to be engraved on the covers?  We’ll need at least an extra week’s advance notice.

Here are some of the Bibles and Bible storybooks we can order (descriptions from publishers).  There are many Bible to choose from so please call or email us for help.  That’s what we’re here for!

For the youngest:

The Beginner’s Bible, Zonderkidz
Publisher’s price $16.99; our price $12.00

Written for early readers (ages 4 to 8), includes 95 classic Bible stories, rewritten in a language children can understand. From the baby Moses (“A Basket Boat”) to the baby Jesus (“The Most Special Baby”), from Noah (“The First Rainbow”) to David and Goliath (“The Giant”), children are introduced to timeless stories and basic biblical concepts. Beautiful illustrations throughout.