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  Eastertide Newsletter

 I am constantly amazed at how fast the pages on my calendar go by and most recently the old saying “time flies when you’re having fun” has proven all too true.    As the third Sunday of the Easter Season approaches I am finally getting around to replacing the Lenten message on our web-site.  The promise of the Resurrection is not only for the next life, it is an opportunity for new life in the here and now, and so   the Board of Directors and staff of the NH Bible Society are breathing new life into your Bible Society.   Plans are underway to revitalize the web-site.   We are making the site easier to use, more informative andDavid R interactive to provide better service and resources for your use.   We hope you use the site to engage with us, providing feedback about our service and ideas for future projects.

     Our separation from the NH Council of Churches places us on a new path.   The organizational structure is not the only change you will find in our office.  We are re-arranging the office suite at 125 Airport Rd., sifting through the history of the Society and archiving information as necessary.   As the respective staffs continue to work well together we are finding our way forward while still remaining committed to our core mission.     Bibles are finding their way into the hands of those in prison, hospitals, and church schools throughout the state.   We are delivering Bibles in different languages so people will know that the Word of God speaks their language.   I have represented the Society at various church functions, even preaching a sermon or two in an effort to reintroduce the NHBS to the wider community.   I believe the Spirit is breathing new life into your NHBS.

My prayer is that you are having a blessed Easter Season, that your life is not as hectic as the life around the NHBS, and that you will engage with us in ways to improve our mission.   The fruits of our labor are really the results of the work that you do, those who work in the fields and vineyards of God’s creation.

Speaking of prayer, please remember that this Thursday is the National Day of Prayer.   More information can be found at nhndp.org.  A link may be found elsewhere on this site.

Blessings to you all,

Rev. David A. Richardson
Executive Director, NHBS

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